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18% of All Profits Go Directly Towards Supporting MindSpring Mental Health Alliance
18% of All Profits Go Directly Towards Supporting MindSpring Mental Health Alliance

About Us

Who We are

Strong Mind was established in 2019 by University of Iowa Alumni Connor Cox and Andrew Brown in their hometown of Des Moines, IA.

Beginning as a fitness brand and now reaching much further, Strong Mind has evolved into a powerful message aimed at transforming the stigma surrounding mental illness. Strong Mind encourages everyone to take pride in their mental management and develop mental hygiene practices that enable us to live more balanced lives.

Our Mission

In the United States almost half of adults (46.6%) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. At Strong Mind, we promote the idea that mental hygiene is just as essential as all other forms of hygiene we practice daily.

That is why 18% of all profits will be donated to MindSpring Mental Health Alliance to support their initiatives. That is why Strong Mind was formed.

Support Organizations That Make A Difference | Change The Conversation | Promote Mental Hygiene | End The Stigma

Wearing Strong Mind Apparel is not just about showcasing your own mental toughness, it is taking action against the fight directly, & supporting those in our own community. 


The Man Behind the Artwork

At the University of Iowa, artist Jason Brown imagined and created the original Strong Mind graphic showcasing the deep connection between a disciplined mind and strong body.
Jason wanted to illustrate the fact that underneath a highly trained physique we find a highly trained mind. The mind body connection is synergistic, and neither can thrive without the other.